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5 ways to create the perfect finishing touch to your new bathroom

A new bathroom is an exciting project. When you invest in a new bathroom and partner with Gary Fullwood Designed Living you will have loads of ideas and be presented with bathroom styles and designs you will love. From beginning to end you have spent time, effort and money on designing and then installing your dream bathroom. It will be the final touches that make your dream bathroom amazing. Here are 5 ways to create the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom.

Get Creative with Taps

A tap is a tap is a tap. This is what the average joe believes. However, many stylish and trendy taps can add a magical finishing touch to your new bathroom. Sure, you can go contemporary, but you can go with style. There is no need at all to be boring when it comes to your taps. You can consider quirky yet stylish or trendy and classy. You don’t have to go chrome either, you can choose trendy black or luxurious brass, copper or gold depending on your new bathroom design. Speak to Gary Fullwood Designed Living about choosing some amazing taps for your new bathroom.

A touch of light

Getting the lighting right is where a magical flourish can polish off your new bespoke bathroom. Whether it is lighting to highlight a wall or some décor or some mood lighting, the right lighting is the perfect finishing touch to your new bathroom. Having the right lighting makes all the difference to your bathroom and getting the balance right is where experts such as Gary Fullwood Designed Living make new bathrooms come alive.

Splash Some Colour

Is this a finishing touch or part of the overall design? A splash of bold colour in your new bathroom makes a statement. Colour can make a bathroom playful and vibrant without removing the all-important feel of calm. For family bathrooms with young children, colour makes the bathroom an enjoyable place and adds character to the home. Colour, as with light, is a crucial component of your bathroom design creating the personality that you are seeking. As the final touches or spots of colour are the final strokes of the brush on a masterpiece so spots of colour are to your bathroom.

Make a Statement with a Mirror

Mirrors are magical and having the right mirror in the right place in your new bathroom can make all the difference. A statement mirror looks amazing and serves many purposes. Whether the mirror is placed where it is for practicality or purpose or whether it is about a final design touch doesn’t really matter. Often the mirror can be used to make a small bathroom feel bigger and yet, no matter where, how and why a mirror is used in your new bathroom the result is always impressive.

Fabulous Flooring

The final way to create the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom is to consider your floor. Easily overlooked, the floor of your bathroom is an important surface to consider. Cheap floors look cheap and there is no doubt about it. Good quality flooring costs a lot less than many people believe and the result of using better tiles, for example, is something you will never regret.

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