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5 Kitchen Designer Secrets to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

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here is one thing about British kitchens that drives a lot of people mad it is that they are small. TV shows and magazines show fantastic images of large family kitchens with endless amounts of room and this has UK homeowners feeling envious. While large kitchens do exist in the UK the vast majority of people can only dream of more space. Believing the only way to have a larger kitchen is to buy or build a bigger house the Brits are stuck with small, cramped and sometimes frustrating small kitchens. This does not need to be so and when you work with a professional kitchen design company like Gary Fullwood Designed Living rabbits can be pulled out hats to make even the smallest kitchen look and feel spacious.

Clean Lines in Your Kitchen

Clean and simple lines are the Kitchen Designer’s secret tool for adding space to the overall design of your new kitchen. It is very easy to overcrowd your kitchen by trying to be clever with scones and other elaborate mouldings. These do nothing more than break up your kitchen design and to create more space in your small kitchen you should simply extend your cabinets to the ceiling. This simple technique draws the eye upwards and creates the illusion that your kitchen is far taller than it is. Furthermore, vertical lines within the design and décor of the kitchen further enhance the illusion.

Consistent Colours

The second secret a designer uses to make your small kitchen look and feel larger is the careful use of colour. Colour is an important part of kitchen design, there are good colours and colours you should avoid. The secret to making a compact kitchen feel larger is colour consistency; painting your walls and cabinets the same colour makes any visual boundaries invisible to the eye. The use of light colours, white and pale hues of other colours give the appearance of more light and add to the illusion of having a larger kitchen.

Open Shelves

The next secret to making a small kitchen look and feel bigger is a design trend that is catching on in the UK. Open shelving gives the impression that there is more space than really exists. Open shelves add a certain flow to a kitchen pulling spaces together giving the illusion of much more space. Using open shelves in a small kitchen creates handy storage spaces and can also be used to keep counter and worktop space more open.

Recess storage

The key to having more space in a small kitchen is to keep things clutter-free. Plenty of storage and the right kind of storage is a well-known secret way to make a small kitchen feel small. Recessed storage is a great way to make any small room feel bigger by adding more room to store essentials without encroaching on space. Recessed storage works for bathrooms and well as kitchens and homeowners are often blown away ay how much extra space this simple design trick creates. With recessed storage, you can feel the space in your small kitchen and use your kitchen like the large kitchens so often seen on TV and in glossy magazines.

Glass Cabinet Doors

The final secret to making a small kitchen look and feel large is by using glass. While not everyone’s cup of tea, glass doors not only create the illusion of space but also make a kitchen look and feel more luxurious. Where darker wood has been used in the kitchen design, glass works wonders in a small kitchen.

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