We have received a first class service from start to finish. Gary has provided technical advice and offered a variety of options to achieve a complete solution. Highly recommended!

Barry from Bushey

I love them because of their professionalism and dedication to giving you, the customer, exactly what you want – ensuring that the design that is supplied is the absolute best for you.

Gary from Hemel Hempstead

We knew what we wanted… well we thought we did, untill we visited Gary Fullwood. Their care and attention was so much more than we expected, the designs were amazing, and more than we had dreamt.

Jackie from Hertfordshire

Do I Need A Kitchen Island?

There's lots of things to discuss when it comes to kitchen islands and it's always a desirable product in a kitchen. When you've got the space, it's definitely something I'd highly recommend. However, what you've got to think about when you have a kitchen island, is what you want it for. Find out whether you need a kitchen island by watching this short video.

Do I Need An Extractor Fan?

Now, this is such an important question, no matter how small it may sound. The fact of the matter is, when a bathroom's done correctly, you do need an extractor fan. If you've got a window in your bathroom and you leave it open a lot of time when you're showering and bathing, then you don't necessarily need an extractor fan, but we do recommend you have one. 

How Do I Choose Bathroom Tiles?

A common question we get asked, is 'how do I choose bathroom tiles?'. There are a few elements we need to think about with the tiles, whether it's going to be the size, the colour, the grout lines and whether we're going to fully tile or we're going to half tile. You have to think of all the things that it all comes down to within your bathroom design, which you can find within this helpful video.

How Do I Make My Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

Due to the nature of my business, I go to a lot of client's houses. The one thing they always get worried about is the size of their bathroom and whether it looks too small or if it feels too small and they always ask me, "How can I make my bathroom look bigger?". This is when I get creative with the design, the colour schemes and essentially when I come into my own and start to think about how I can make the best of the space.

How Long Does It Take To Fit My Kitchen?

So today we're going to talk about about a common question we get, which is: 'how long does it take to fit a kitchen?'. Now this has quite a few variances in it because if you're having a small kitchen, there's still quite a lot of detail that has to go in and still a process behind the whole job. For a small kitchen, I would estimate it to take around two weeks until the installation is complete. This does depend on the actual quality of the workshop as well, because if you happen to get your worktops templated, sent away, come back and then fitted, that could add to that timescale. 

How To Design Your Moodboard

Hello I'm Tilly and I'm one of the designers here at Gary Fullwood Designed Living. Today I'll be showing you how I create my mood boards and why they are so important to me when I'm designing a bathroom or a kitchen. A mood board is a fun and easy to make and is simply a collage of images, which helps you to visualize a room when designing.

What Colour Should I Paint My Bathroom?

So today's question is, what colour should I paint my bathroom? Now brace yourself for the answer.

Are you ready? Don't paint it. Tile it. Now I know that's a very biased opinion for myself, but I am a firm believer that a bathroom looks so much cleaner and shows a higher level of design when it's fully tiled. Also, it's so much easier to maintain!

What Is A Hot Tap?

Today I want to talk about hot taps. Now, we've got a working model in the showroom and just would be a really good opportunity to show you this particular model in the video above, which is a Frankie hot tap. So you've obviously got your normal hot and cold lever, which obviously is where you get your standard water from.

What Is A Wet Room?

So today we're going to talk about wet rooms. I get asked "What is a wet room?" all the time, mainly due to the fact that people see wet rooms in other countries, with have just a hole in the bathroom floor and the water goes out one place, which is when people start to see the convenience.

What To Expect When Visiting Showroom At Gary Fullwood

Hello! Today I will be talking about what you should expect from visiting your local bathroom showroom. This will be a rough overview on how we work here, to give you the expectation when you visit your local showroom. So after you've done your Google search and you've gone on Facebook, you've spoke to friends, you've been on Pinterest and you've got rough ideas, you'll visit and walk through our showroom doors.

What's The Best Kitchen Cabinet Door Style?

Today, we're going to talk about kitchen cabinet doors as there's quite a few different styles to choose from.

Firstly, you've got traditional, modern, classic, contemporary and you've got Italian style. There are so many different varieties to choose from!

What's The Best Kitchen Worktop?

Today, I'm going to talk about choosing the best kitchen worktop for you. There are quite a few options we need to talk about.

Firstly, I'm going to start with the laminate. A laminate worktop is probably the lowest end when it comes to work surface because it's just a laminate surface on a chipboard base. This can be damaged. But it has came a long way over the years and has become quite a durable product. But once again, this is a product that will burn if you were to put a hot pan on it, and it can be susceptible to water because it's not a 100%-sealed product. 

What's the best lighting for your kitchen?

So what is the best type of kitchen lighting? Well, there's quite a few different options when it comes to the lighting of a kitchen, so i've gone through a few of the different options that are available.

What's The Best Shower Head For You? | Bathroom Design

I always get asked, what is the best type of shower for me? This is a really tough question because it has to come down to what you want from your shower and what your preference is when you're in the shower yourself.

What's The Right Bath For My Bathroom?

Today we're going to deal with baths and how to choose the right bath for your bathroom. Now there's three different types of bath that we need to discuss today.

When Is It Time For You To Get A New Kitchen?

Hello! I wanted to talk about some of the points you need to look out for when you know it's time for that new kitchen. Now, some of these are not going to be relevant to you, but some of them will resonate deep with you. I'm going to point out a couple of bullet points that will give you an idea on what is happening to your kitchen and why you need to improve it.

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