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19 Aug 2020

Bespoke Kitchen Storage Ideas For Today's Lifestyle

At Gary Fullwood Designed living we are passionate about every aspect of your kitchen. Blending perfect function with beautiful form one area where we excel is in the provision of innovative storage for your bespoke kitchen. Storage is a basic requirement in any kitchen and a bespoke kitchen from Gary Fullwood Designed Living takes storage to a completely new level.

Very often the centre island is overlooked as a place for storage or is overused for storage taking away the practicality of this amazing element of kitchen design. Thinking out of the box and understanding how a centre island can become a living part of a new bespoke kitchen our kitchen designers very easily make something special out of a quite ordinary piece of furniture.

Making a centre island stand out and turning it into an ice bar to serve super-chilled drinks is one solution. Perhaps some LED mood lighting and of course, a stunning stone or granite surface turn your standard centre island into the centre stage for a house party.

Wine storage is often something left to the last minute and a wine rack or standalone wine fridge can impact the flow and upmarket style of what should be a fabulous kitchen if left to the last minute. Consider something special and of high quality for wine storage and your kitchen will make a statement. Built-in wine coolers from well-known brands such as mQuvée and Cavin look impressive but equally a top-quality standalone cooler does the same. If you love wine then let your bespoke kitchen say so because grabbing a bottle from a conventional fridge is oh so common.

So many kitchens hide things away and in many cases, this declutters and creates space in your kitchen. However, shelves can add character to a kitchen to find that perfect balance of modern clean lines and eclectic charm by leaving things out in the open. A kitchen is primarily a place in which to prepare food and displaying your cookery books on quality shelving always creates character. A perfect balance of open plan shelving and hide-away cupboards and drawers is where your flow, tidiness and practicality collide thus creating your perfect tailor-made kitchen that suits your taste and lifestyle.

Shelves themselves do not just have to be planks of wood bolted to a wall. Many of our projects include floating shelves that can be made of any material, even glass or can be trimmed with metallic strips of copper or brass. Lighting creates an ambience and can be used to highlight areas of a kitchen or items on display. Coffee and Tea stored in stylish containers can he lit up and used to great effect. Shelves make superb storage ideas when preconceptions are tossed away.

Magnetic splash-backs can become storage spaces for many things that allow you to leave things out of the drawer yet out of the way. Knife blocks used to be the in thing but we know how knives look when hanging on a magnetic wall, it is also very convenient. There are so many storage ideas that are not a box, cupboard or drawer and in a bespoke kitchen, it is very much about being different.

Finally, the one storage area everyone forgets. Your kitchen waste needs to be stored. Sure, there are plenty of bins that you can use from plastic to metal but these can often just clutter up a kitchen. A standalone bin makes a huge statement and shouts “this is where the rubbish is” overshadowing the amazing design of your new kitchen. Built-in bins and places for your kitchen rubbish need to be planned as part of your kitchen and at Gary Fullwood Designed Living we have some ideas that will really surprise you, but you will need to speak to us first to find out.

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