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What's The Right Bath For My Bathroom?

Today we're going to deal with baths and how to choose the right bath for your bathroom. Now there's three different types of bath that we need to discuss today.

The first of them is a steel bath, or a very strong reinforced acrylic. The reason for this is, it has a dual purpose. This will allow for the bath to be used as a shower and for bathing.

The next option would be a free standing bath. A free standing bath is more about the design. So if you've got a much larger bathroom, you might have the luxury of having a free standing bath. However, you obviously can't shower over this bath like you can with the steel or the reinforced acrylic.

Then we have the third option. The third option is an acrylic bath. These are just standard acrylic baths and they're mainly put in a bathroom when you are having a separate shower or shower enclosure. 

I hope that has helped in some way in answering your question on how to choose the right bath for your bathroom. For more information on the bath types, watch the video above.

I've made lots of other videos answering questions about bathrooms and kitchens, so check these out by clicking here and I'll catch you next time. 

Thank you for reading.