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What's The Best Shower Head For You? | Bathroom Design

I always get asked, what is the best type of shower for me? This is a really tough question because it has to come down to what you want from your shower and what your preference is when you're in the shower yourself.

There are things you need to think about. Firstly, we have an overhead shower, which is very popular, especially for males rather than the females. When it comes down to it, you need to understand that it's not a power shower. It doesn't matter how strong or how powerful the pump is that you've got running to it, there's only a certain amount of pressure that will come out of that shower head.

If you're looking for that powerful shower to relax under and feel like you're getting absolutely drenched from a power shower, that won't happen from an overhead shower. That's why you'll choose the slide rail kit shower head, which has an independent head and where the force really does work. This is where if you've got a really powerful shower, the force comes. You can stand there, you get a lovely massage, it feels good, it feels like it's really hitting you hard. That's what happens with a shower head because it's coming out of smaller holes. It's restricted to how it comes out, therefore forcing the pressure out.

Also, what you get with these types of showers is you get three to six different functions on them as well. Then, you can reduce the amount of holes it's coming down so it then increase the actual power and force that the water's being pushed out.

Like I said, it does depend what you want from the shower. If you want a lovely strong massage power shower, you'll use the hand held shower like one of these to shower with. If you just want to get drenched and get soaked, you'll use the overhead shower, which is my favourite.

I love just getting in the shower, getting absolutely drenched and soaked so I don't have to invest in shower caps or anything like that because I don't worry about that sort of thing. However, the ladies do, so a lot of ladies do prefer this slide rail kit so you can come down to body height, shoulder height, and you can wash, get the power on the body without getting your hair wet.

I hope that answered your question and has helped you to figure out which is the best shower for you to use.

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