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What's The Best Kitchen Worktop?

Today, I'm going to talk about choosing the best kitchen worktop for you. There are quite a few options we need to talk about.

Firstly, I'm going to start with the laminate. A laminate worktop is probably the lowest end when it comes to work surface because it's just a laminate surface on a chipboard base. This can be damaged. But it has came a long way over the years and has become quite a durable product. But once again, this is a product that will burn if you were to put a hot pan on it, and it can be susceptible to water because it's not a 100%-sealed product. 


Secondly we move to granite. Granite is a really good worktop. It has lots of benefits in terms of colours and the durability of it. But, there are a couple of negatives to it as well, where it does have a lack of durability to it. Because the product can be porous, you've got to be careful with certain food mixtures and things like that. Also, it can burn. So, it's another product you can't take a hot pan of a hub and put it directly onto granite because it does have a shock factor and it could crack. But it comes loads of different colours, so it's a very good choice when it comes to the work surface.

Then what we do is we move round to the quartz worktop. Now, this is very similar to granite, but it comes in even more colours. Because this is a manmade stone, you can have lots of different kinds and you can choose quite a lot of things to go with this. But once again, it is a shock factor, so you can't take a boiling pan off a hub and put it down on it because it could damage, stain or burn it. Similarly to the granite with the quartz, once it burns, it's burnt and it'll be ruined. So you have to be very careful about its usage, but it's very, very durable and a lot tougher than the granite itself.

So then we move round to the composite worktop. Once again, one of my favourites is the composite because it's a bit more workable. So basically, with a composite product, you can buy two, three sheets of this and you can join them together so it has a seamless join. If it does get damaged in any way, so if you did put a hot pan on it, or if you scratched it, or if something fell out of the cupboard and hit the deck and dented it, it can be repaired. So that's the beautiful thing about a composite work surface. converse. So, once again, one of my favourites due to the durability of it and it can be repaired. Still can't be putting hot pans on it because it will burn, but once again, repairable, so a really good solid product.

Then we move onto wood. Now, wood is obviously a natural product, so it comes in lots of different colours as you know, it can be stained. But the one thing you need to know about wood is it is going to be susceptible to water, so you have to treat it. You'll have to oil the surface. Once it's been installed, you have to oil it and you probably have to keep it up every six months to really maintain it. If you don't do that, it can be susceptible to staining. And same as anything else, you still can't have a hot pan going into this. But once again, a real good benefit to the wood is if you did ruin it, if you chipped it, you stained it, you can just sand it down, repair it, and then polish it and stain it again. So, then it's a much usable product if you're willing to work with it and be persistent with it.


Finally, there's one more product and it's indestructible. It's called Lapitec or Decton. It's a product that can't be scratched or burnt. It's a really cool product. This would be the top end when it comes to durability.


I hope that gives you a good insight into the different materials of work surfaces out there and helps you choose what's the best worktop for you. When it comes to cost, it probably goes from laminate to wood to granite to quartz to composite.

I hope that was helpful. I've created loads of blogs, videos and articles, all designed to help you with your home improvement project. So why don't you go check them out and I'll catch you next time.