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What To Expect When Visiting The Bathroom Showroom At Gary Fullwood

Hello! Today I will be talking about what you should expect from visiting your local bathroom showroom.

This will be a rough overview on how we work here, to give you the expectation when you visit your local showroom. So after you've done your Google search and you've gone on Facebook, you've spoke to friends, you've been on Pinterest and you've got rough ideas, you'll visit and walk through our showroom doors.

It's then our job then to understand why you visited and what your purpose is of your new bathroom. Have you got a new extension going on? Is it just ripping out the old one and updating it and just making that sanctuary in your home?

When you come to the shop, I'll walk you around my bathroom showroom, I'll go through the baths, the showers, the taps and will give you a little bit of an overview on what products are available. I'll also get an idea and a feel for the styles that you're looking for.

Secondly, we'll need to get you booked into the diary for stage two when I come to your house. Now, this is me getting a feel for the style of your home and understanding the purpose of the bathroom. Is it for a big family? Is it for a couple? I'll be able to get a feel for the styles you want. I'll take my measurements, some notes and will take lots of photos just so I can get a real understanding, which will allow me to move on to stage three of my process.

Stage 3 will be coming back to the showroom, doing the designs, then inviting you over. You'll come over to the showroom, we'll look at the designs on the big screen, to really get a feel for the design. They'll most likely be two or three options because I can get very creative with my designs.

I like to try and think outside the box and maximise every single inch within a bathroom. We'll go through the design, you can get to visualise it, see how it feels for you and then once we've done that, we can go through all the products. We'll look at some of the products I'd like to put in there, whether it's going to be a bath or a shower, there are so many variants of options.

Once I've got a good feel for what you like and you're happy with my design, we can move on to stage four.

This is where I do the pricing for you. Now, with every design for every customer I do three different options because there's such a variety of different products that you need to choose. I need to put this together in three different separate options so you've got choice.

We'll need to see what your budget is and make sure this sits alongside what you are planning and what you'd like to achieve. Now, we all know we never stick to our budgets. We always go a little bit over, but it's still nice to have that guide and option on what is available.

Then we get to the all crucial stage five. It's decision time. You need to make that choice on what you want to do, and if you're happy to go ahead with your local showroom and you're happy with the design, the product and the showroom itself.

I hope that's a good overview on what you should expect when visiting your local showroom and helps you making that decision and getting your new beautiful bathroom.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to watch some of my other videos and read some of my other blogs.