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What Is A Wet Room?

So today we're going to talk about wet rooms. I get asked "What is a wet room?" all the time, mainly due to the fact that people see wet rooms in other countries, with have just a hole in the bathroom floor and the water goes out one place, which is when people start to see the convenience.

The basic concept of a wet room is that you get to be as creative as you want with your own bathroom. You're not constricted and restrained by the size of a shower tray itself. We also get the nice flowing floor which goes from the bathroom into the wet room area and that's what we're trying to create. It means that we can be very design conscious of our bathroom and not be restricted by what we want to do. Bathrooms come in so many different lengths and widths, so this allows us to utilise the space as best as you possibly can.

Are you thinking about getting your bathroom done? Are you looking to be creative with the space in your room? Then maybe a wet room is the right choice for you. I hope this video's helped just in a little way for you to make the right choice for your bathroom. I've made lots of videos and articles about bathrooms to help you with this decision.

Thanks for reading!