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What Colour Should I Paint My Bathroom?

So today's question is, what colour should I paint my bathroom? Now brace yourself for the answer.

Are you ready?

Don't paint it. Tile it. Now I know that's a very biased opinion for myself, but I am a firm believer that a bathroom looks so much cleaner and shows a higher level of design when it's fully tiled. Also, it's so much easier to maintain!

Now, if you are going to use paint, remember to also paint the ceiling. There's a special bathroom paint you can use to do that, which will help the paint last longer. It will also help stop condensation and mould coming through in a bathroom as well.

I really hope that's helped the answered your question. For more information on Bathroom design, i've created lots of videos and articles, that are all designed to help you with your bathroom project. So go check them out and I'll see you next time.