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How Long Does It Take To Fit My Kitchen?

So today we're going to talk about about a common question we get, which is: 'how long does it take to fit a kitchen?'. Now this has quite a few variances in it because if you're having a small kitchen, there's still quite a lot of detail that has to go in and still a process behind the whole job. For a small kitchen, I would estimate it to take around two weeks until the installation is complete. This does depend on the actual quality of the workshop as well, because if you happen to get your worktops templated, sent away, come back and then fitted, that could add to that timescale. However, on average, I would say for a small kitchen it will be around a two week lead time.

Now if you are having a much bigger project and you're having a larger kitchen, then what I would say is you should be allowing around a four to five weeks for lead time. This is because it's exactly the same process, just on a much larger scale. Furthermore, it can get quite intricate with the different types of woodwork and the different types of appliances that goes into a kitchen, especially if you're having special lighting and other improvements.

So on a rough scale, a small kitchen will be around a two week lead time and on a large kitchen, I would say four to five. I hope that answers your question on how long it takes to fit a kitchen. If you have any more questions or want to find out more,  check out my videos here and articles here.
Please do so, as they've been designed to help you with your home improvement projects. Thanks for reading!