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Do I Need An Extractor Fan?


Now, this is such an important question, no matter how small it may sound. The fact of the matter is, when a bathroom's done correctly, you do need an extractor fan. If you've got a window in your bathroom and you leave it open a lot of time when you're showering and bathing, then you don't necessarily need an extractor fan, but we do recommend you have one. 


If you haven't got any windows in your bathroom and its in the centre of the home, then you definitely need to have an extractor fan. It's really important that you get the right extractor fan as well, because when we're on site, the focus is sealing the room completely.

So you can imagine if you seal the room completely, then there's less extraction for the water or the steam to be absorbed into any walls or ceiling, to escape, so then it does get quite steamy in a bathroom. If the job has been done correctly, you will get a tiny bit condensation, maybe a bit of water dripping down the walls. But this is normal for someone who's done their bathroom correctly. But the best way to eradicate this and keep on top of this is to have a really good quality extractor fan installed into your bathroom. You can get some with very low noise decibels and really good power suction outtake, which is perfect for when you're trying to relax. Really make sure you do the investigation in terms of getting the right extractor fan for your bathroom. When we do this, we make sure that we speak to a qualified electrician and make sure that the room has been tested and assessed to make sure that the right extractor fan has been put in.

When I'm installing a bathroom or a shower, I love to put the extractor fan directly in the ceiling above the showering area, rather than more above the toilet, which is quite a common thing in older houses. So how does that sound? A nice,  powerful extractor fan which is low decibel, keeping it nice and quiet for you, in the ceiling above the showering area or the bathing area. This will give the best extraction and will help with the room's condensation. However, it's always nice to keep the window open now and then.

I hope that answers your question.

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