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Do I Need A Kitchen Island?


There's lots of things to discuss when it comes to kitchen islands and it's always a desirable product in a kitchen. When you've got the space, it's definitely something we'd highly recommend. However, what you've got to think about when you have a kitchen island, is what you want it for.  Some people like to cook on the island and make it the centre of attention. Some people love to have their sink in the island and some people just love the island just to be a centrepiece to the room, so it's purely for storage only.

One of the main things you need to think about if you're going to have an Island, is whether it's going to have any seating around it. The reason we ask this, is that one of the options you have, is extending out from the cupboard and having a nice row of seats. Alternatively, you can have what we've got in the show room here, where you extend the actual island itself, making it longer and having the seating away from the cooking or the washing area.

Now, with the extended islands, you can have lower tables. You can have a normal dining room/table chairs, or you can have the kitchen stools if you have it raised at the same height as the island. So there's lots of things you need to think about the islands, whether it's going to be rectangular or whether is it going to be curved or angled? Is the extractor fan going to come down from the ceiling as well? There are lots of things you need to take into consideration.

Recently, we're creating lots of L shape islands because we just got the space, there's lots of room to play with and it is a large centrepiece to a lovely desirable kitchen. If you have any further questions, we have a wide variety of blogs, videos, and articles all designed to help you with your home improvement project, which you can find by clicking here.