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How Do I Choose Bathroom Tiles?

A common question we get asked, is 'how do I choose bathroom tiles?'. There are a few elements we need to think about with the tiles, whether it's going to be the size, the colour, the grout lines and whether we're going to fully tile or we're going to half tile. You have to think of all the things that it all comes down to within your bathroom design, which you can find within this helpful video.

The main things you need to think about is if you have a large tile, it will reduce the amount of ground lines you have compared to a small tile. Make sure you bear this in mind, because obviously this means there is a lot less to keep clean when you're having a larger tile.

Furthermore, larger tiles such as rectangle and square ones will make the room feel bigger. Even in a small space, that's quite a good option. After this, you've got to think about whether you'd like the modern or the traditional bathroom. A more modern bathroom will have larger tiles, where a traditional bathroom will have smaller metro or brick tiles or tiles with a brick effect.

Also, you need to think about the quality of the tile, which can be a porcelain or ceramic. This then leaves you with the last thing to think about, which is the colour. This comes down to what colour you want your bathroom furniture to be. If you're not going to be fully tiling, what colour's the paint going to be? You really have to put all these elements together before you can make that big decision on choosing your tile.

It's really important that, with the tile choice, you either pick your furniture first and your colour scheme first, and then your tiles. Alternatively, you can pick your tiles first and then pick your furniture colours and your wall colours to suit the room.

I hope that helps you choose the right bathroom tiles for you. I've created loads of blogs and videos all designed to help you with your home improvement. So why don't you go check them out and I'll see you next time.