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Stunning Kitchens

"The hub of the home", "The heart of the home" the kitchen has may different description and meanings to every family, however it really is the most important room in the home, which means when it comes to a new one it has to be right, you have to maximise space, exploit innovation, flaunt functionality whilst not forgetting creative design and imaginative use of colour and lighting.

Your kitchen has to satisfy your daily needs as well as being a room that enhances the life of your family, being the focal point for those amazing dinner parties, family gatherings, creative baking days and that all-important dinner for someone special.

It’s not just about a new kitchen or bathroom, it’s about making life at home… better.

Kitchen projects start from approximately £19,475...

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The Decision.

After many months of deliberation, you've finally decided to have that new kitchen, great choice!

I bet...

  • You have loads of questions?
  • You and the family are excited?
  • Maybe a little nervous?
  • Probably have a sense of anticipation?

Well worry not, we are here to help and support you through the process and get you started on the journey to the perfect kitchen.

I've outlined the journey you take with us to ensure everything is considered, no rushing. We'll spend time answering all your questions, put to rest all your concerns.

We know just how important this is and how vital it is to make all the right choices.

Journey step 01


We'd like to come and visit you.

We need to understand...

  • Your space
  • How your family exist in this space
  • Your needs
  • Your dreams
  • Your desires
  • And your bucket list for this project

It is fundamentally important for us to visit you, this is where our working relationship starts, our designer will need to understand exactly what you want to achieve in your home so that we can start the journey to ensure the right outcome for you.

Journey step 02


Now we'd like you to come and visit us.

Your journey is now well underway...

  • Your designs are now ready
  • You'll be able to envisage your new kitchen
  • 3D images on the big screen
  • Share your ideas
  • Tour of the showroom
  • Check out products
  • Touch and Feel
  • See your personal style materialise
Journey step 03


This time we can come to you or you to US.

After finalising your design it's now numbers time...

  • It's quote time
  • 3 choices of cost for your kitchen: Gold, Platinum or Signature
  • Book your project date
  • Pay your deposit
  • Choose your package
  • Book your customer site survey
Journey step 04


Let’s introduce your family to the team.

Your Customer Site Survey...

  • Meet your installation team
  • Meet your personal project manager
  • Double check the design
  • Double check your product list
  • Double check the measurements
  • Double check the colours
  • Water pressure test
  • Electrical test
  • Installation survey
  • No stone left unturned
  • You get your client pack
  • Take the "before" Photos
Journey step 05


Today is the day.

Your new family kitchen project gets underway.

It might be a little messy and noisy but we’ll do our best to keep the inconvenience to a minimum for you and your neighbours.

  • Project manager and installation team arrive at the agreed time
  • Protect the floor and the surrounding area
  • Skip arrives (if needed)
  • Delivery of products
  • Removal of the old kitchen
  • Installation of the new kitchen
Journey step 06


The final day has come.

Your beautiful kitchen is now complete.

I must say it looks amazing...

  • We will send in the cleaning team to make your kitchen look perfect and ready for you
  • Your project manager will be round to sign off to ensure you’re totally happy
  • Time to book your party
  • Invite over your family and friends
  • Take the "after" photos
  • Start moving in your personal stuff
  • Putting up a cleaning rota (the family will love you for that!)

...and finally enjoy this perfect space for you and your family.

Journey step 07


Here at Gary Fullwood Designed Living our service and commitment to you and your new installation doesn’t stop when you’re at Step 7.

Guaranteeing our workmanship for a further 12 months to ensure you have absolute peace of mind that in the unlikely event that an issue occurs, we are here to help.


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A modern kitchen is dynamic, with clear, sharp lines and smart ideas for combining storage and good looks, creating inspirational places which allow people to thrive, and the kitchen should be no exception.

A modern kitchen is an integral part of a well-designed home, in fact for some people the kitchen will be the most important part of the home.

A modern kitchen will ensure that all the food preparation areas are beautifully lit, by natural light if possible, while it will be separated from dining and living areas (allowing cooking odours not to drift around the house), a modern kitchen will still be easily accessible from the rest of the home.

Be inspired and enthused to create the perfect modern space for your home.

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Shaker kitchen doors are made up of plain recessed panels for a simple yet sophisticated finish. They are perfect for a country feel in your new kitchen.

Traditionally comprising of lighter or neutral colours were commonly found in shaker style kitchens to create the country feel.

Modern tastes are changing and more and more people are opting for bold, show-stopping colours, the shaker kitchen has the adaptability to cater for this really well...

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A simple design enhanced with traditional features epitomizes a classic kitchen. This timeless style has stood the test of time and is one of the most flexible themes to create in a kitchen. Its bevelling on the recessed doors demonstrates an elegance and luxury that will give your new kitchen extravagant feel.

Traditionally, classic kitchens would usually display neutral colours such as creams, beiges and greys. But more and more people are braving the colour in their classic kitchen now. Mixing a bold colour with a more toned-down colour can really add that wow-factor to your new kitchen.

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Renowned for its ultra-minimal, modern feel a handleless kitchen is the epidemy of sleek lines, they are clean and uninterrupted for a sleek finish with striking colours and smooth finishes.

A Handleless design will allow you to accommodate any taste and its effortlessly stylish in its look and provides an uncluttered appearance in your kitchen. Simple yet modern in the design the handleless range offer the client to achieve a dynamic, versatile design and finish to their kitchen.

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We have received a first class service from start to finish. Gary has provided technical advice and offered a variety of options to achieve a complete solution. Highly recommended!

Barry from Bushey

I love them because of their professionalism and dedication to giving you, the customer, exactly what you want – ensuring that the design that is supplied is the absolute best for you.

Gary from Hemel Hempstead

We knew what we wanted… well we thought we did, we visited Gary Fullwood and it all changed that day. Their care and attention was so much more than we expected, Gary came to our home twice, we visited the showroom twice, the designs were amazing, imaginative and so much more than we had dreamt was possible in our space. We received 3 quote options which meant we didn’t go over or budget … well not by too much.

It’s been a pleasure and we would use them again in a heartbeat. It was so pleasing to work with a company that cared more about our project than we.

Jackie from Hertfordshire