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20 Feb 2020

Why Should You Choose a Custom Kitchen?

Gary Fullwood Designed Living is exactly that and the custom kitchens Gary and his team create are built around life, your lifestyle and you. In answer to the question, Why should you choose a custom kitchen?, that about sums things up but you could very easily go to the equivalent of a kitchen supermarket and pick and choose a kitchen that sort of meets what you want. You see, it is the phrase “sort of” that separate a conventional new kitchen from an amazing new kitchen from Gary Fullwood and his team.

All About You

In the last few years, Gary Fullwood has helped hundreds of people create their dream kitchen and it is not just because Gary and his team know kitchens. A dream kitchen becomes a dream kitchen is not because of the kitchen but because of the people. With a custom made kitchen listening to what you want and making it a reality is what happens. Transplanting ideas from your head, with a little innovation, ingenuity and even clever suggestions from expert kitchen designers your kitchen soon goes from ordinary to extraordinary because it is about you and about the passion that goes into creating precisely what you want.

Built to last

With a custom kitchen, the very best materials are used because your kitchen needs to last. Your kitchen will often become the hardest working room in your home and created using the best quality materials it is guaranteed to last. Furthermore, your custom design will be timeless because the design is yours. Everything about a custom kitchen is quality and the craftsmanship that goes into even the most humble of cupboard door will be immediately felt thus distinguishing your kitchen above all others.

Break the rules

There are many conventions that designers stick to when creating, modelling and remodelling a kitchen. However, with an expert team of Kitchen gurus convention can fly out the window. Paying careful attention to the flow of the kitchen your kitchen can become unique, even quirky and thus be even more of your dream kitchen. Maximising light while also understanding the special needs of your family a custom kitchen really can work for you, a clever example is that if you are particularly short the countertops can be lowered to work for you – small things make all the difference in some cases.

Adds real value to your house

Kitchens help sell houses, it is a fact. A custom kitchen that is superbly finished will earn its cost simply by your household enjoying it and using it. However, when it comes to selling your property this high-quality custom made kitchen can add a significant amount to the selling price of your home. A custom made kitchen becomes a superb investment that you will never regret.

You know its worth it

Finally, you know the worth of a well-made and well-designed custom kitchen. A kitchen designed around your lifestyle, your likes and your personality will always be a winner. With Gary Fullwood and his team, you are guaranteed an amazing kitchen that your family and friends will love. There is also a little secret that Gary always tells his customer and that is that food always tastes better when cooked in one of his custom-designed kitchens. Don’t believe him? Call him and put him to the test!



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