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12 Feb 2020

Welcome Tilly

We are delighted to welcome Tilly Lee, fresh out of the University of Hertfordshire where she studied her Master’s in interior design.

Starting as a Junior Designer at Gary Fullwood Design Living will be her first role in design following her success in her course.

Tilly is excited at the opportunity to craft her design talents as well and discovering her unique identity in the design world, supported and mentored by Gary Fullwood these are exciting times for Tilly.

As Tilly said: “Kitchen and bathroom design appealed to me a lot, every home and client’s needs are slightly different, but the design process still follows a structure. So, it’s interesting to see how different the results are each time.”

Why Gary Fullwood?

Karl: Tilly was the obvious choice, her natural talent for design is exciting, her eye for details is admirable for someone so young and her drive and ambition is something we know we can encourage and support.

There is a saying in business “have the right people in the right seats” we know Tilly is sitting in the right seat, and we are excited to see her become the designer we know she wants to be.

Gary Fullwood Design Living is a progressive company with one of the very best designers at its helm, we know Tilly will be a great asset to the crew.

Quick fire round:

What do you like to do in your spare time:

I'm quite an active person, I spend a lot of my time at the gym or with my horses.

What are you looking forward to most about putting your theory to practice?

Mostly I'm looking forward to building up my skill base and learning how to put what I learned in theory into practice. Also, to see the final finished product and the reward it gives the client and for myself.

Welcome on board, Tilly!