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29 Oct 2020

Using tiles to create an impressive kitchen


To many people and in many kitchens tiles are almost an afterthought. Small square or maybe rectangular pieces of ceramic that are stuck on the wall to help things keep clean. Often, not much thought is put into the tiles in a kitchen. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we think tiles can be used to create amazing kitchens in styles that almost boggle the mind.

Tiles and the Shaker Kitchen

Shaker Kitchens are very popular in the UK. These very simple yet tremendously functional kitchens can be given an even more charming look through clever use of tiles. Subway tiles, rectangular white tiles are used in many kitchens but when wrapped around a shaker kitchen they can create an amazing look. Effectively, simple white tiles uplift the simplicity of the shaker style kitchen creating a wow factor that any homeowner will love.

Not Just Square Tiles

Nearly everyone who is asked to picture a tile sees a square tile. It’s a fact that the vast majority of tiles are indeed square but not all tiles are square. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we like to get creative with tiles and hexagonal tiles turn an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary kitchen. Placing white hexagonal tiles creatively on a wall adds some wonderful quirkiness to a kitchen and the honeycomb look is sleek and very, very stylish.

Mix and Match

Playing with different tiles on the all and on the floor can create a wonderfully eclectic look that is very much the height of kitchen fashion. With a clever combination of shape, form, colour and pattern clever use of a kitchen designer and different tiles easily create a one of a kind kitchen that you, your family and friends will instantly fall in love with. Gary Fullwood Designed Living loves nothing more than steering away from the conventional to create outstanding kitchens.

Create a focal point

Ever since the Greeks started decorating rooms and spaces with tiles they have created amazing focal points. Today, while you don’t need to go with the full mosaic look you can create eye-catching focal points anywhere in the kitchen. One such idea is to create an amazing design on the floor around a centre island that breaks up the flow of the often boring and plain floor tiles. Tiles allow you to be extremely creative without breaking the bank.

The wood look

Many people would love a wooden kitchen floor. Modern built houses rarely have wooden floors and the dream of wood has gone. It is not all lost, today tiles come in a variety of very clever designs and one such design is a wood look. You can create an impressive wood-look floor in your kitchen that will fool anyone until they realise you have use wood-look tiles. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living there are plenty of amazing tile ideas that you can consider in our kitchen showroom in Watford.

You can go wild with tiles and when you partner with a creative kitchen design team you can create amazing and unique looks for your kitchen that more than make your kitchen the heart of the home.


Gary Fullwood Designed Living is the leading Kitchen designer and installer in Watford and understands how your modern, busy day to day life means that today’s kitchens need to cater for the hustle and bustle of your day while never losing focus of amazing design and the ultimate wow factor.