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08 Jul 2020

The Ultimate in Bathroom Luxury? The Bidet is making a comeback

It could be said that bidets had their moment during the 1980s and 1990s and for a long time experts in British Bathroom Design have called them old hat. However, times are changing and trends are always evolving and the bidet is beginning to show signs of becoming fashionable once again, especially in more luxurious bathrooms. Whether you like a bidet or not they are nevertheless a talking point when it comes high-quality bathrooms but why are they slowly coming back in style?

Bidet History

To understand why bidets are making a comeback, especially in luxury bathrooms, it makes sense to have a brief look at the history of the bidet. Dating back to France in the early 1700s with reference made to them in Italy around the same time they were considered the epitome of royal and high society bathrooms. Something only the wealthy could afford they were the height of hygiene at the time and were something close to a status symbol if you had one. Today, there are a handful of variations of bidet from purely functional to ornate and decorative, but they have always had an association with being an upper-class bathroom utility.

Why the Bidet was never popular in British bathrooms

In the UK the bidet has never been as popular as they are in mainland Europe, they simply were not British it seemed. Bidets were and are a part of civilised culture in Europe that somehow never really managed to cross the channel. One reason why bidets perhaps never took off was that British bathrooms are often smaller but there were plenty of reasons for having bidet even where space was not an issue. However, despite attempts by manufacturers to sell the benefits of the superior cleaning and hygiene properties of the bidet it as good as fell on deaf ears. It fell on deaf ears until relatively recently and this is where the comeback if it is a comeback, begins.

The return of the bidet

Three definitive reasons sit behind the return of the bidet in British bathroom design, two of them very much forced to the surface with the recent Coronavirus pandemic. The first reason is general hygiene. When one considers how ineffective wiping with toilet paper is compared to washing with water and drying down a bidet makes absolute sense. For years the British could not fully understand this until they started considering the second reason. Healthcare is more of a priority today, especially at the moment, and concern about and even the discomfort of using paper to wipe when suffering for bowel problems and even haemorrhoids soon demonstrates the benefits of a bidet. A bidet is a tremendously healthy and hygienic bathroom appliance and modern bidets in a variety of styles add a superior touch to any bathroom.

Green Bathrooms

The final reason that bidets are seeing a comeback in British bathrooms is the growing concern for the environment. Green bathrooms and green bathroom design are top considerations when it comes to installing a new bathroom and a bidet is a very green choice. Because bidets use and are perceived to even waste water they are often misconceived as being less than eco-friendly. Modern bidets use far less water than you may think and this begins to change opinions. Using less water and eliminating the use of toilet paper soon makes a bidet a wise investment for the planet.

Installing a bidet

As part of a well-designed luxury bathroom, the design team at Gary Fullwood can include a bidet. Installing a bidet is relatively straightforward and once your bathroom is complete the appliance will soon give your bathroom the feeling of luxury that the kings and queens of Europe in the 1700s took for granted.