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27 Jan 2020

The Pro’s and Con’s of Open Plan

Over the years, styles and trends in kitchen design and how kitchens are used have changed. Kitchens were once the domain of the housewife or whoever was the cook and that was about it. A Kitchen was a place to store, cook and prepare food before being taken to the dining room. Kitchens were functional and practical and not the place for visitors. Times have changed and the kitchen today is the heart of the home and very often the entertainment hub. Modern kitchens are no longer the domain of the housewife or cook, they are family spaces and areas to have coffee and dinner with friends. The kitchen is fast-paced for some or a place to sit and talk with the family. The choice in kitchen design today is phenomenal but one of the biggest choices today remains open plan or not?

To help you decide here are a handful of pros and cons of the open plan kitchen that you may wish to mull over.

A Handful of Pro’s

An Optical Illusion of Space

Space is something every British home needs and an open plan kitchen does create this illusion. In reality, the space created cannot be any larger than is already there but because the kitchen is open plan and there is a certain flow it does feel more spacious. This appearance of extra space not only makes the home feel larger but this very same illusion can add value to a property when selling because people think bigger is worth more!

Easy Entertaining

An Open Plan Kitchen makes entertaining a breeze. Your kitchen and living space now become one and at dinner parties, the cook is not left away from the guests. Likewise, open plan kitchens are great for keeping the family together. Gary’s Top Tip: Consider a centre island as a gathering point.

More Light

As homes in the UK shrink, light becomes an issue and smaller homes seem to be darker. Opening up to open plan lets daylight from the living and dining area flood the kitchen, especially where kitchens are built with no daylight coming in.

A Few Cons of Open Plan

No Hiding Place for Mess

With an open plan kitchen hiding, general kitchen mess and clutter is an issue. Everything is open to the eye and guests can get a good glance of an untidy kitchen. Traditional kitchens tend to have more nooks and crannies and have an extra wall for cupboard space. You lose this with an open plan kitchen but a good kitchen designer will come up with innovative storage ideas that unclutter your kitchen and make the flow between worktops and the dishwasher easy.

Open Plan is noisy

Because your kitchen is now essentially part of your dining or living room, noise for either side now travels as the space is one room. Living rooms can become noisier as pots and pans sizzle, dishwashers hum and washing machines rattle. Smells, not always the smell of good food, travel as much as noise and this can be annoying. So before you knock down walls think carefully about your peace, quiet and comfort.

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