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18 Nov 2020

The importance of a pantry in your new kitchen

Modern kitchens are very much about saving space while remaining functional. In the UK especially space is the one thing the vast majority of people wanting a new kitchen desperately want more of. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we create amazing kitchens, often with limited space. When we ask our clients if they want a pantry in their kitchen they tend to answer “with what space?”

“With what space?” is an understandable answer but adding a pantry to any kitchen is something amazing, even when space is at a premium. A panty is easily the coolest and most practical addition to any new kitchen and there are plenty of reasons why.

Storage Options

The top concern on everyone’s mind when it comes to a new kitchen is storage. As kitchen designers, we understand that too. However, a pantry is a real storage problem solver. A pantry such as a Masterclass Hathaway Pantry allows you to get organised in your kitchen. The pantry, especially a walk-in pantry if you really have space makes thing so easy to find. Your cooking ingredients that don’t need chilling are all in easy reach. An organised and tidy pantry becomes a décor feature that will never go out of style.

Out of the way but in full view

Not only does a pantry create an easily accessible food storage place but it is also a superb place to store your appliances. Often in plain sight in an open pantry but tastefully hidden with a closed-door pantry your appliance storage problems are easily solved. A pantry is wonderfully practical such a wow factor for those who don’t have one. In many kitchens, a pantry is like having an extra room.

A trendy broom cupboard

A well-designed pantry makes the ideal place for brooms and mops. Often full height, a pantry is one of the most versatile and tremendously trendy inclusions in any modern kitchen. Modern pantries do not seem like some Dickensian or Victorian outdated feature. A Masterclass Hathaway Pantry looks stylish and modern, designed perfectly for the lifestyles of today.

But I have a fridge

Another answer to the do you want a pantry question is “but I have a fridge?” and again they are not totally wrong. However, In modern homes, the kitchen is often too warm for the storage of bananas and soft fruit. But the fridge is too cold. A pantry is an answer, warmer than the fridge bit cooler than the kitchen. In a pantry with drawers for storing fruit properly, fruit will stay fresher for longer.

A pantry is something we would heartily recommend and we know it will help create your dream kitchen that makes you go more than “wow!”.Talk to Gary Fullwood Designed Living about your new kitchen and let us give you some ideas of how a pantry can look amazing!

Gary Fullwood Designed Living is the leading Kitchen designer and installer in Watford and understands how your modern, busy day to day life means that today’s kitchens need to cater for the hustle and bustle of your day while never losing focus of amazing design and the ultimate wow factor.