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02 Dec 2020

The Absolute Beauty of Vinyl

Boy oh Boy!Did you ever think you would see Gary Fullwood Designed Living raving about vinyl?Gary Fullwood Designed Living are renowned for high-quality bathrooms in Watford and beyond. Vinyl sounds almost degrading and even an insult to a well-designed bathroom. Well, you may be pleased to know that while there is always a choice of floor for your perfect bathroom, vinyl is still popular. Here is why vinyl is a wise choice of bathroom flooring.

Easy Peasy

One of the really big benefits of Vinyl is that it is so easy to install. It is quick and efficient to install and today whether you choose sheet, tile or rolls some even come pre-glued. For those people who want fuss-free, quick installation Vinyl is a dream.

Warm as Toast

It sounds strange, especially when you look at the stuff, but Vinyl is exceptionally warm underfoot. Compared to tiles, granite or stone (all perfectly good options) vinyl is warmer and so much softer. In a strange we, vinyl is almost luxurious and perhaps that is what makes it so popular.


This is clearly the most logical reason as to why Vinyl is so popular in bathrooms all over the UK. Vinyl is, as if you didn’t know, completely waterproof. Having vinyl installed professionally almost guarantees it will not wear, will not fade and will not let water into those sneaky hidden spots the DIY person can overlook.

Easy to Maintain

Another wonderful thing about vinyl is that it requires little or no special maintenance. General vacuuming, sweeping and mopping is suffice to keep your vinyl in tip-top condition making keeping the new look to your bathroom for a very long time. If your vinyl gets damaged and if installed in planks or tiles it is easy to replace, just lift up a single piece and put a new piece back.

Looks Amazing

Once upon a time vinyl looked like the plastic that it is. Not that long ago designs were boring and bland looking nothing like the wood or stone they were meant to resemble. Times have changed on the modern vinyl production techniques produce finishes that look more stone than stone and more woody than wood. Vinyl really can fool people into thinking you spent a fortune on granite or oak beams!


Bathrooms get wet and wet surfaces are dangerous. Vinyl is almost totally slip-resistant and thus it makes your bathroom safe for everyone. You can choose vinyl by an R rating if safety is a major concern and with some help from the design team at Gary Fullwood Designed Living you can have a bathroom that looks good while being exceptionally safe!

Low Cost

The real beauty of Vinyl is that it is low cost. This means you can have a new bathroom for less or spend what would have been spent on more expensive flooring on other items. Vinyl doesn’t cheapen the look and feel of a new bathroom if anything it lifts it up!

Dream a Little

We can all afford to dream a little when it comes to our ideal bathroom. But turning dreams into a reality is what we should be aiming for and that means consulting the leading bathroom designers in Watford. Let Gary Fullwood and his bathroom team turn your dream into reality with the perfect His and Her bathroom.