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A Quick Guide to The Best Kitchen Worktops

There are many different worktop surface materials to choose from. Some surfaces are better than others, some look amazing but have a few things you need to know and some, well, the choice is y... Read more

How To Create An Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Custom fitted bathrooms have been around for decades and while great design that incorporates all the latest trends is what everyone wants, today the same bathroom must be eco-friendly. No long... Read more

The Joys of A Kitchen Remodel

When you first look at your kitchen remodel it’s a daunting task. When you get started and seem to go nowhere in your kitchen remodel you start to ask “why did I do this?” Yes, these are, but... Read more

How To Understand My Kitchen Layout

Essentially there are three types of kitchen layout, The Galley, the U and the L and of course a combination of these with or without an island. Straying too far from a common or popular layout... Read more

The 5 Must Have Items That Make Your Kitchen Christmas Ready

Ho, Ho, Ho it’s that time of year and Christmas is directly upon us. A new customer kitchen would be the ideal Christmas present but unfortunately, not everyone has that amazing gift. However, ... Read more

How To Choose A Bath

In the last 10 years, bath design has developed considerably. The types, styles and sizes of bathtubs are staggering and when one a bath was a bath was a bath, today there are options, choices ... Read more

4 Reasons To Use Soft Close Hinges In Your Kitchen

Once upon a time, a hinge was a simple device that worked on any door or window. For centuries the design barely changed; two flat plates curled on the edges with a pin holding them together so... Read more

The Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Kitchen Part 1

A kitchen isn’t something you just go out and buy like a pint of milk or a loaf of bread. A kitchen is something that takes time to purchase and is an investment rather than a commodity. But, j... Read more

How Your Bathroom Can Help Sell Your House

One of the most important rooms in your house is your bathroom. If the bathroom is an important room for you in your house, then it can be said the same is true for others. At Gary Fullwood Liv... Read more

Bathroom Design and Installation in Pinner, Middlesex

This was an amazing overhaul of an existing bathroom in Pinner, Middlesex. We had a client come to us regards to a new bathroom project. The client had only had his bathroom done about 4 years ... Read more
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