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The Ultimate in Bathroom Luxury? The Bidet is making a comeback

It could be said that bidets had their moment during the 1980s and 1990s and for a long time experts in British Bathroom Design have called them old hat. However, times are changing and trends ... Read more

How Has The Coronavirus Changed Home Improvement Trends?

It is funny how only a few months ago things were swimming along at normal. Work was normal, socialising was normal and even simple home improvements were normal, but all that has changed. Heal... Read more

Should The Coronavirus Stop You Planning a New Kitchen?

The Coronavirus Pandemic has turned the world on its head and put the economy on pause. For the vast majority of people, a compulsory lockdown has been enforced that has brought with it some li... Read more

Wet Room or Bathroom – What Is The Difference?

Modern lifestyles are influencing the way in which we bath and shower today. It wasn’t that long ago that babies being thrown out with the bathwater as the tin tub was placed in front of the op... Read more

Why Should You Choose a Custom Kitchen?

Gary Fullwood Designed Living is exactly that and the custom kitchens Gary and his team create are built around life, your lifestyle and you. In answer to the question, Why should you choose a ... Read more

Top 10 Tips to Create Your Dream Bathroom Part 2

In the previous article, the first 5 tips to create your dream bathroom were very much centred around planning and ideas. From setting budgets to using your imagination some very important poin... Read more

Welcome Tilly

We are delighted to welcome Tilly Lee, fresh out of the University of Hertfordshire where she studied her Master’s in interior design. Starting as a Junior Designer at Gary Fullwood Design Living w... Read more

Top 10 Tips to Create Your Dream Bathroom Part 1

Your bathroom can be your sanctuary or it can be the run in run out splash in the shower and carry on space in the house. No matter how you think of your bathroom a dream bathroom is designed a... Read more

The Pro’s and Con’s of Open Plan

Over the years, styles and trends in kitchen design and how kitchens are used have changed. Kitchens were once the domain of the housewife or whoever was the cook and that was about it. A Kitch... Read more

Kitchen Trends For 2020

Kitchen styles and trends come and go as we all know and while there are many timeless designs every year new ideas come forth. 2020 is a milestone year and as might be expected there are some ... Read more
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