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16 Jan 2020

Kitchen Trends For 2020

Kitchen styles and trends come and go as we all know and while there are many timeless designs every year new ideas come forth. 2020 is a milestone year and as might be expected there are some amazing kitchen trends predicted as we enter a new decade. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we do our best to keep up with style and trends in kitchens, add some of our own ideas and of course take existing trends and improve on them through innovative or creative means or simply letting technology play its role. Here are a few trends that we expect to see in 2020 and we would love to put some of these into operation in your new kitchen.

Black in the new...

While 2018 and 2019 saw a move deep charcoal grey and dark, dark blue in 2020 Black is definitely coming back. While black may not be everyone’s cup of tea black does give some serious depth to the look and feel of any custom made kitchen. Adding some touches and splashes of warmth from chestnut or copper or something electric such as silver or aluminium black can be a colour that strangely shines in your kitchen creating jaw-dropping appeal from something that is eternal and timeless.

Industrial Metal

A few eyebrows may well rise at the mere thought of industrial metal shelves and cupboards. “It’s a kitchen” many will say “not a warehouse” but metal shelves can add something truly remarkable to any kitchen. A crazy blend of industrial and rustic brings form and function together in a manner that gives any new kitchen a real sense of identity. With metal shelving, you can really take ownership of your new uber-stylish kitchen.

Fresh Modern Lighting

In a kitchen, having the right light is essential. You need light to work by and light to set the mood. The inclusion of modern, linear lighting is a fresh and creative trend expected to be found in kitchens of all sizes and styles. Linear lighting creates a wonderful vintage feel while maintaining a function keeping everything beautifully contemporary, again some would say this is timeless.

All out for the splashbacks

There is, of course, a limit to sensibility but going all out to add colour and life to a kitchen through creative splashbacks is going to be all the rage in 2020. Whether is its bold use of coloured tiles, naturally stunning slabs of marble or granite, simple glass or even surprisingly elegant stainless steel, the splashback is king for 2020.

Sinks that make a statement

Following on from a rise in what can only be called statement sinks that combine tap technology with impressive style your sink must not be boring of you want your kitchen to be trendy in 2020. Hi-tech taps or just beautifully designed taps are all the rage and the basins in copper (looking fantastic against the black by the way) and other almost eclectic materials is the way to stay fashionable.


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