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10 Jun 2020

How Has The Coronavirus Changed Home Improvement Trends?

It is funny how only a few months ago things were swimming along at normal. Work was normal, socialising was normal and even simple home improvements were normal, but all that has changed. Health and hygiene now take the number one concern in everything we do. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we have not only noticed the change but are also actively responding to them. We are working in a COVID19-friendly and aware manner and our bespoke bathroom design experts are being asked to consider designs that incorporate the concerns of the virus at large. It is very fair to say that the Coronavirus has changed the way people think about home improvement, especially when it comes to bathrooms.


The world came to a grinding halt thanks to the Coronavirus and COVID19 and in this turn of events, pollution levels plummeted, so much so that dolphins were seen swimming in the canals around Vienna. This made people sit up and take notice and this has seen a demand for eco-friendly bathrooms, not only in terms of the materials used but in terms of green use. As leading bathroom designers, our kitchen and bathroom showroom often has eco-friendly materials and ideas on display for you to see at first hand. But home improvement trends have been shaped even further than just wanting to be better for the environment.

Hygienic Options

COVID19 has made everyone acutely aware of germs and bacteria, the pandemic has not only made people take notice of the bugs around us but also how they spread and are carried. Hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom are now a top consideration for bespoke bathroom design. No longer will just a simple flush toilet with a lift up push down lid suffice. If touching the toilet seat with one’s hands can be avoided is should be so, and thankfully there are plenty of innovative toilets that offer this. Some toilets even pre-flush and clean before you have a number one or a number two to increase the levels of hygiene and provide added peace of mind with all things Coronavirus.

Easy to Clean Surfaces

People have spent a lot more time in their homes during the challenging lockdown period and they have seen their homes, and especially their bathrooms through different eyes. The first thing that is noticed is that certain materials are more challenging to clean and keep clean than others. Easy to clean surfaces that remain clean and germ-free longer is very much part of the post Covid19 bathroom design with people showing more interest in the hygiene properties of materials rather than just the style.

Sanctuaries and home Spas

With the lockdown came a need for private space and small luxuries and these have both driven bathroom design trends. Ensuites have become something more than a splash and run shower room and are now places of solitude, peace, and personal wellbeing. Life has slowed down during the Coronavirus pandemic, values in life have changed and “me time” has taken over socialising. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we have seen and expect to see more demand for bathrooms that are more of a home spa than just a bathroom with innovative water-saving ideas, non-touch taps and surfaces that shout cleanliness and hygiene. All this is possible and is only a click or call away.


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