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09 Dec 2020

Gas or Electric Stove? Which is best for my new kitchen?

At Gary Fullwood Designed Living there is an age-old question that everyone in the processing of designing and installing a new kitchen asks. Choosing between a Gas Stove and an Electric Stove is more challenging than you might imagine for some people. As established kitchen designers in Watford, we can recommend a stove choice but it is essentially down to you. However, we can help you out and make it a little easier to decide whether you need a gas or electric stove

A Kitchen Essential

The stove is a kitchen essential and there is an impossibly wide choice of stoves today. When remodelling your kitchen the choice and style of your stove is a priority. When it comes to gas, many professional chefs swear by them and yet for families the convenience of electric often wins. Choosing between the two is not that difficult and when you choose Gary Fullwood Designed Living to design and install your kitchen either stove will look amazing.

Gas Stoves

The vast majority of professional chefs and places where food is cooked and served use gas stoves. The reason for this is that gas stoves heat up faster, distribute heat more evenly and are generally easier to maintain.

Pro’s of Gas Stoves

  • Often Gas Stoves are Cheaper
  • They Heat up faster with more even heat distribution
  • Versatile for styles and methods of cooking
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • You can cook in a powercut


Con’s of Gas Stoves

  • Not always foolproof to turn on and off
  • Burners can fail to light
  • Ventilation can be a problem
  • Concern over gas leaks

Electric Stoves

Electric Stoves are very much a convenience and the simple switch on and switch off has made them popular since their invention. Today smart stoves and switch on and off remotely and can even tell if something is about to boil over. There are different types of electric stoves from ring plates and flat plates to snazzy quartz stoves.

Electric Stove Pro’s

  • Strangely your kitchen remains cooler
  • Flat Tops are very easy to clean
  • Easy functions
  • Can be very easy to install


Electric Stove Con’s

  • You can’t always tell is a plate is on and hot
  • Uses more energy than gas
  • Electric stoves cook slower
  • Plates cool down slower – lack of instant controlled heat
  • Get damaged easily from spillage and items being dropped on the heater rings or plates
  • Can become very expensive when you want more feature.


The choice is yours

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Working closely with a kitchen designer can help you select and then find the ideal stove for your new kitchen. Gary Fullwood Designed Living can recommend the right stove from a wide variety of suppliers. Call us today and begin the journey of installing your new kitchen today.

Gary Fullwood Designed Living is the leading Kitchen designer and installer in Watford and understands how your modern, busy day to day life means that today’s kitchens need to cater for the hustle and bustle of your day while never losing focus of amazing design and the ultimate wow factor.