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28 Jan 2021

Coronavirus Brings a New Level of Hygiene in Bathroom Design

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in a little less than 12 months. New, more careful ways of doing just about everything have become a new normal in a very cautious world. The levels of sanitisation and cleanliness in every situation have become heightened and new bathrooms are no exception. Gary Fullwood Designed Living now take the heightened awareness of hygiene into consideration when designing your new bathroom.

Going Smart

Various surveys show a clear trend in how people interact with the space around them. Technology is playing a big role in this change of behaviour and contactless operations are fast becoming part of the new normal. This trend is, according to well-known bathroom product manufacturer Geberit, now showing in bathroom design with smart taps and contactless systems growing in demand and popularity. In general, they expect sensor-controlled technology to see a rise in use in bathrooms across the UK.

Shrinking Bathrooms

Bathroom size over the last few decades has shrunk to a mere 4.4 square metres. While we would all adore a larger space with more room to relax in, this shrinking is perhaps a blessing in disguise with the arrival of the Coronavirus. In simple terms, less space means less to clean with fewer spaces that can hoard germs. Many UK households clean their bathrooms more than once a day and a smaller bathroom is less time consuming to clean. Don’t think for one minute though that you cannot have your dream bathroom just because it is small. Gary Fullwood Designed Living are expert bathroom designers and work especially well with small spaces. The Gary Fullwood bathroom design team make small bathrooms extremely functional and make them look and feel a lot larger than they really are.

More Hygienic Hardware and Materials

Since the 1970s and 1980s bathrooms have become much more hygienic as materials used in their construction have improved. Design of hardware has also become more hygienic and how these elements are installed likewise. One of the bigger trends, driven by style and hygiene is that of wall-mounted toilets. Added to this are concealed cisterns that, where possible, add significant levels of space but, like the toilets, are tremendously more hygienic. With wall-hung ceramics, the hidden cistern can be easily accessed for maintenance or repair.

Hygienic Flooring

One of the largest surfaces in the bathroom is the floor. Since the COVID19 pandemic, flooring has become somewhat of a dilemma for anyone considering a new bathroom. Most flooring options are hygienic and easy to clean in a bathroom. Modern vinyl is exceptionally easy to clean while granite and marble are equally so at the higher end of new bathroom cost. Wooden floors are debatable, while they are easy to clean the gaps between boards can be a hidden trap for germs.

Easy to Clean Bathroom furniture

If concerned about hygiene in your bathroom built-in furniture made from easy to clean materials that are equally easy to access is a winner.At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we design amazing bathrooms based on both form and function. Taking into consideration the heightened hygiene concerns every component in a Gary Fulwood bathroom is purposefully chosen for easy of cleaning whilst not looking out of place. We understand the growing concerns around hygiene and work with you to create amazing bathrooms that are easy to keep hygienically clean and keep you and your family safe.