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17 Dec 2020

Bathroom Trends Our Information Says You Will Follow in 2021

After what has clearly been a tough year for everyone Gary Fullwood Designed Living have had a look at the way things could well go next year.There have been some distinct movements in what want from their bathroom and these have led us to consider the bathroom trends for 2021.

Best Time to Consider a New Bathroom

The end of the year is often the best time to consider changing, remodelling or upgrading your bathroom. Whether you are considering a new family bathroom, building an ensuite bathroom or doing something with the downstairs loo, Gary Fullwood Designed Living in Watford have all the ideas and information you need.

A Move to Marble

2020 has seen people locked up indoors for longer than ever before. During the times of lockdown, homeowners have had a chance to get up close to their property and start dreaming and planning.Considering the finishes of bathrooms there is an indication that a move to marble or high-quality finishes is on the cards for 2021. While vinyl and the like will still remain there for flooring, Marble finishes especially are something many households are considering when it comes to their new bathroom or bathroom upgrade.

The Natural Touch of Wood

Again being “trapped” indoors for longer periods in 2020 has seen people bring the outdoors indoors in their bathrooms. This has created a trend of more real wood and a more airy, natural feel to the bathroom. Wood creates a more spa-like feel to a bathroom and makes the room a great deal more relaxing. Neutral and natural tones are peaceful and wood softens the bathroom in look and feel.At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we have used wood in many bathrooms to create dream bathrooms that our customers love.Visit us in our showroom today and be amazed at the bathrooms we create.

Going Green

A growing trend over the last decade has been the move to more eco-friendly bathrooms. Water-saving has become important both from an environmental point of view and financial. Rimless Toilet and Flush Plate sales have increased as ecological awareness becomes more appreciated. With sales increasing a noticeable trend toward greener bathrooms is clearly going to be part of bathroom design in 2021.Speak to our design team about making your current bathroom more environmentally friendly or have us design a green bathroom for your home.

Black is the new Black

Err, yes, you read it right. Black is in when it comes to accessories and fittings.Strikingly different from the chrome and silver are seen in almost every bathroom in the UK, black makes a statement few can ignore. If social media is anything to go by, black bathroom features is a trend that started a few years back and it seems 2021 will be the year that it shines – if black can shine that is.

2021 Colour Palette

The big question every year for those wanting a new bathroom for next year is “what are the in colours?”

The In “Colours” based on what the market is showing for 2021 will more than likely be Blue, Pink, Green and Grey. Each of these colours has seen a significant rise in popularity and for those wanting to remain with the herd are the safe and stylish colours to go with. However, Gary Fullwood Designed Living like to lead the pack and prefer being bold when comes to colour. With an eye for the exceptional asking Gary Fullwood and his team to design and install your new bathroom nearly always leads to amazing surprises and simply awesome bathrooms in colours that truly amaze.

Your New Bathroom: Dream a Little

We can all afford to dream a little when it comes to our ideal bathroom. But turning dreams into a reality is what we should be aiming for and that means consulting the leading bathroom designers in Watford. Let Gary Fullwood and his bathroom team turn your dream into reality with the perfect His and Her bathroom.