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22 Oct 2020

4 Bathroom Trends to Avoid

A new bathroom from Gary Fullwood Designed Living is your chance to have that special room that you can enjoy. Whether you are looking for a quick in quick out shower room or a wet room or a sumptuous place to soak away stress and dream of whatever it is you dream about your bathroom needs to look amazing. Bathroom trends change and it easy to install a design or style from yesterday that is just so, well…err… yesterday.

At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we look at all the latest trends and bathroom styles to deliver amazing bathrooms that are never so yesterday. Our team of bathroom designers in Watford can work with you to create a superb bathroom we know you will love by helping you choose colours, styles and bathroom components that are stylish and up to date. When you are looking to create a dream bathroom, we know what to choose and what to avoid. Here are our 5 Dreadful Bathroom Trends to Completely Avoid

Avoid white marble and go for some stone

White Marble does look good, it always does but it has become very yesterday. We won’t say that white marble is dreadful but some far better choices won’t just keep you up with the Joneses but push you a little beyond them. Coloured stones make an eye-catching and remarkable change from white marble. There are countless types of stone in an almost countless range of colours and stone looks amazing in any bathroom, just ask Gary Fullwood himself!

Avoid the (boring) white subway tiles

The whole world seems to have a different opinion on tiles and there is a trend to stay safe. Safe is good but there is so much more when it comes to tiles. There are real changes taking place in the world of tiles for bathrooms with brick glazed tiles, stacked horizontally or vertically that lend a fresh, modern look any bathroom. You are not stuck with white today and you can choose any colour and make your bathroom awesome.

Avoid Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles have been a trend in bathrooms for the last few years but their reign as the tile of style has come to an end. For some, this is a sad thing but for anyone looking for a new bathroom, you now have a superb choice of terracotta and other tiles that can add a real sense of modern style and relaxing comfort to your bathroom.

Avoid the clawfoot bath

In recent years the standalone bath has been a fashionable bathroom component for many years and it still is. However, the clawfoot bath is a real no-no today but sleek modern, minimalist baths are the growing trend.

It is very easy to create a bathroom from yesterday, but these few tips will ensure you have a truly stunning and up to date bathroom. Furthermore, when you design and install a new bathroom with Gary Fullwood Designed Living you will have a bathroom that goes beyond your wildest dreams.

Gary Fullwood Designed Living is the leading bathroom designer and installer in Watford and understands how your modern, busy day-to-day life means that today’s bathrooms need to cater for the hustle and bustle of your day while never losing focus of amazing design and the ultimate wow factor.