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Nail this one thing to create the perfect kitchen

There is one thing about designing your kitchen that you need to know and then nail to create perfection. The one thing that Gary Fullwood Designed Living never lose sight of is the mo... Read more

Wet Rooms – a quick guide to your perfect shower space

2020 saw continued growth in wet rooms. Wet rooms do add value to your home, and they are very desirable. But how to do you go about planning a wet room? Gary Fullwood Designed Living have d... Read more

Colour My KItchen 2021

  Happy New Year and welcome to 2021. I can hear the sigh of relief from nearly all of you. A new year is a new start and a new kitchen from Gary Fullwood Designed Living should be on the ... Read more

A few memories of 2020

It has been an amazing year at Gary Fullwood Designed Living. We entered the year with a brand new name and fresh ideas and were all set to go. None of us expected the Coronavirus pandemic to h... Read more

Bathroom Trends Our Information Says You Will Follow in 2021

After what has clearly been a tough year for everyone Gary Fullwood Designed Living have had a look at the way things could well go next year.There have been some distinct movements in... Read more

Gas or Electric Stove? Which is best for my new kitchen?

At Gary Fullwood Designed Living there is an age-old question that everyone in the processing of designing and installing a new kitchen asks. Choosing between a Gas Stove and an Electr... Read more

The Absolute Beauty of Vinyl

Boy oh Boy!Did you ever think you would see Gary Fullwood Designed Living raving about vinyl?Gary Fullwood Designed Living are renowned for high-quality bathrooms in Watford and beyond. Vinyl s... Read more

The importance of a pantry in your new kitchen

Modern kitchens are very much about saving space while remaining functional. In the UK especially space is the one thing the vast majority of people wanting a new kitchen desperately want more ... Read more

Creating the perfect His and Her Bathroom

So it’s time to spoil each other and turn your bathroom into a His and Her Bathroom. This is a dream for many people and here at Gary Fullwood Designed Living, we love making dreams come true. ... Read more

Using tiles to create an impressive kitchen

  To many people and in many kitchens tiles are almost an afterthought. Small square or maybe rectangular pieces of ceramic that are stuck on the wall to help things keep clean. Often, not... Read more
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